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Pete Higgins explains exactly what you need to start a fitness business, the right way. His expertise insight is the difference between health and fitness facilities that thrive and those that fizzle out.

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Learn how Pete Higgins built three different health and fitness facilities, turned them into profit powerhouses, and sold them successfully, without losing members or employees in the process.

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Discover the tips and tricks you'll need to start and run a successful fitness business in this easy to follow video series.

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As of 2015 the global health club industry had an estimated valued of over 81 billion dollars!  The US fitness industry alone represents well over 25 billion of that.  And it’s no surprise the fitness industry continues to grow year after year.  Combine the notoriously bad food options in the US with a unrealistically high standard for body image and its no wonder the US fitness industry seemed to spawn overnight and has only grown by leaps and bounds ever since.

For those looking to make a living in the industry there are countless options available. From small boutique highly specialized facilities (think crossfit) to franchise cookie cutter gyms to mega health clubs, this industry has it all.  Many entrepreneurs seeking to stake their claim in the fitness industry found their way here because of a passion for fitness, and if you want to find success in building your business you will want to keep in line with your passion.  In addition, a solid plan of attack will go a long way towards the ultimate success of your fitness business.

To be profitable, you’ll need to need to think of your business in three distinct stages; starting your fitness business, fitness facility management, and selling your fitness business.  Each individual stage can be broken down further into actionable steps…

Starting your Fitness Business

  • Deciding on a niche
  • Constructing a business plan
  • Securing funding
  • Deciding on a location
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Hiring a staff
  • Opening your doors

Fitness Facility Management

  • Marketing and membership sign-up
  • Training staff and process streamlining
  • Maximize programs and profitability
  • Managing finances

Selling your Fitness Business

  • Preparing to sell
  • Deciding on how to sell
  • Advertising confidentially
  • Finding the right buyer
  • Completing the sale and transfer of business

But wait! Don’t go it alone….

The fitness industry is not like any other and you’ll face a plethora of industry specific challenges along the way. If you want the very best chance at success and profitability you’ll need to follow the footsteps of entrepreneurs, like yourself, who’ve made it in the fitness industry.  Pete Higgins has over 25 years of experience opening three different health and fitness facilities in NYC and PA, and has helped countless entrepreneurs find success in the industry through his coaching and expertise.

To learn more about Pete Higgins visit the About page or contact him now at (717) 673-8347