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Zogics Proudly Announces the Redesign of Their Popular Stainless Steel Dispenser

Zogics, the premier source for commercial fitness equipment and facility supplies, has redesigned their industry staple Stainless Steel Wipe Dispenser to allow for greater stability. It also features a larger 7-gallon waste receptacle and a more accessible access door. This upgraded floor stand unit also features an improved dispenser nozzle creating an even more consumer-friendly experience. These improvements will now provide owners and managers the ability to save both time and money while simultaneously enhancing their facility and its aesthetics. “Whenever we make an improvement to a product we feel that we are solving a problem. This popular unit will

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duraSOUND: The Latest Addition to the sofSURFACES Family

sofSURFACES is pleased to announce the latest addition to our family of products – duraSOUND Acoustic Tiles. At 2.75” thick, this product was engineered to deliver a new standard in sound attenuation for the fitness industry. Reduce the sound transmission of clanking free weights in any fitness facility with duraSOUND. These all-in-one fitness floor tiles are performance-engineered to control vibrations, minimize low-frequency impact noise, and reduce the transmission of audible structure-borne sound by up to 38 dB! Similar in appearance to our 1.25” duraTRAIN Fitness Tiles, this product offers the same best-in-industry Limited Lifetime Warranty, superior aesthetics and unmatched durability; however,

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New Year’s Nose Dive

Noticed a major drop off in clientele this month? According to new data from Marchex, an advertising analytics company, so will many other club operators around the country. “Every year around this time we hear the same story of the new year’s ‘resolutionists’ flocking to the gyms in the pursuit to get fit,” said Mike Fast, the analyst who lead the study. Fast used the term “resolutionists” repeatedly to describe individuals who make commitments to clubs early in the new year, only to fall off shortly after. According to a press release, analysts from the Marchex Institute examined anonymous data

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Jonas Fitness Unveils New SMS Marketing Platform

Jonas Fitness, an industry leader in Club Management Software, announced the release of Engage™ — their new SMS marketing platform for their Compete® product. “SMS marketing is extremely vital in today’s club industry. If you’re a club owner or operator, there isn’t a more powerful and impactful way to communicate with your members,” said Kristan Prokopec, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Jonas Fitness. “We’re, obviously, excited about the growth possibilities that lie ahead for our company and we’re confident that Engage™ is the next step to help us achieve them. This is a game changer for club owners out

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Sales: A Simple Checklist for Selling Memberships

Why are you here? Well, as a membership sales person the answer is easy. You are here to sell memberships and create positive relationships to keep members engaged and enjoying their membership. As a potential member you are here seeking an experience that improves your overall health and lifestyle making your life better. In my years of selling memberships and training membership sales people, I have compiled a list of best practices that ensure success.  If you want to sell more memberships and create longer lasting memberships, follow these simple guidelines. Be consistent in your full sales presentation. If you

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