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Pete Higgins explains exactly what you need to start a fitness business, the right way. His expertise insight is the difference between health and fitness facilities that thrive and those that fizzle out.

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Learn how Pete Higgins built three different health and fitness facilities, turned them into profit powerhouses, and sold them successfully, without losing members or employees in the process.

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Discover the tips and tricks you'll need to start and run a successful fitness business in this easy to follow video series.

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AV Now Fitness: America’s Trusted, One-Stop Sound Solution

AV Now Fitness is America’s trusted one-stop solution for sweat-resistant wireless headset microphones, group exercise sound systems, all-in-one portable sound systems and aqua-aerobic instruction products. AV Now gear is used every day in thousands of fitness facilities across the U.S. and at military installations around the world. All products are fitness-rated to withstand the unique demands put on them by fitness professionals in the rugged Group X environment. The fitness sound experts at AV Now help clients choose the correct products for their application and budget. No question is too small or unimportant, especially with the specialized fitness-rated-products offered. The

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Why LifeWorks Offers Complimentary Fitness Coaching

LifeWorks of Southwest General provides more than just top-of-the-line equipment — it also provides members with complimentary fitness coaching for the length of their membership by degreed, nationally certified fitness professionals. These professionals provide LifeWorks’ members with a free health and fitness assessment — including a functional movement assessment — an exercise routine to follow and continual, complimentary follow-up appointments. Karen M. Raisch-Siegel, the executive director of LifeWorks and director of comprehensive women’s health, explained the benefits to members are many. Members have complimentary access to coaches if they have an injury or just want a new program design. And

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Technology Is The Key To Fitness Industry Success

It’s not about having the most technology, but rather the right equipment that is going to help you run your small gym business most efficiently. By running your club resourcefully, you’ll get into profit sooner and make the quality of your offerings better. Technology is evolving so rapidly now that you can check in every […] from Gym Insight Blog

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Industry Buzz: Fighting Off Disruption

Last week, Carolyn Fetters, the co-founder of Balanced Habits, was the key presenter for a webinar titled “Fighting Off Disruption: Outside Industries That Will Affect Your Club.” During the presentation, she highlighted three industries that are taking away market share from clubs, and serving as disruptors to your club’s bottom line. According to Fetters, there are four industries that are affecting consumer decisions when they want to tackle their health: The healthcare industry The diet industry The nutrition industry The fitness industry Unfortunately, these are in a hierarchy order of annual revenue — and the fitness industry is at the bottom

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Operations: Functional Accounting, Part 3

Functional accounting prepares you to be able to function in the business side of our industry. Everyone should understand what was covered in our first two articles: the Accounting Process and the basic Financial Statements. Now, we will go over the “Key Ratios” and formulas that are part of our businesses on a day-to-day basis, and by understanding and using them, you will become a stronger operator. Managing and watching your revenues and expenses is crucial at all times. Never let your guard down. Inventory management is a major part of most multipurpose club operations. Working under the accrual method

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