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Identity One — IDlink Unattended Check-in

Identity One is pleased to announce the addition of Unattended Check-In to the IDlink solution. IDlink Unattended Check-In means you no longer require staff to be involved in the member Check-In process. Physical access is controlled by turnstiles or doors and can be used at the main entry or controlling access to VIP and special purpose areas. Unattended Check-In complements the existing Attended Check-In already provided by IDlink and is a drop-in replacement for current check-in methods such as barcode scanners, RFID card readers and card swipe readers. IDlink reduces fraud by combining sophisticated fingerprint biometrics and barcode scanning. Combining

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Symmetry Central: True Core Muscle Stabilization

Symmetry Central has unique, patented exercise machines that address different parts of the muscular-skeletal framework.

 The Sky PressCycle exercise machines are premised on the Moschel Method®, a scientifically sound and professionally endorsed principle of muscle rebalancing, recovery and strengthening based on Tetrahedron Biomechanics. Sky PressCycle gives true core muscle stabilization. Stabilization happens when a user disengages and activates muscles simultaneously by using each machine. Symmetry Central recognizes these principles and treatments and understands that exercise machines must be designed to rebalance and strengthen muscles from a Tetrahedron Biomechanic approach. As a result, Symmetry Central’s exercise machines provide rebalancing and rehabilitation to injured muscles while strengthening them simultaneously.

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Exclusive: Insight into Midtown Athletic Clubs’ Sports Resort and Hotel

In July 2017, Midtown Athletic Clubs will launch its first sports resort that includes a 55-room boutique hotel. The $75 million project is part of an expansion happening at the Midtown Athletic Club Chicago, and the massive transformation will see the facility grow from 150,000 square feet to 575,000 square feet. Unique amenities include an outdoor pool that transitions into an ice-skating rink in the winter, a 40-foot turf field, four pools, a 122-seat restaurant and bar and much more. Here, Jon Brady, the COO of Midtown Athletic Clubs, discusses highlights of the project and what it means for the

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Translating Nutrition For Your Members

Your gym clientele can frequent your facility as often as they’d like, but without healthy eating habits, they will probably never achieve their goals. Carolyn Fetters, the creator of Balanced Habits, a program recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Aerobics (NASM) and Fitness Association of America as a continuing education provider, has built a 25-year career in the industry through her recognition of the importance of nutrition. Fetters and her husband began with a personal training gym, but developed a nutrition plan not long after the facility’s opening more than two decades ago. “We both have

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Retention: Through Your Members’ Eyes

One of the best ways to find new opportunities for improvement is to have conversations with other outstanding club operators and learn what they are doing to improve their business and their retention. Recently, one senior manager of an outstanding club discussed the importance of seeing what the member experiences every day when they visit your club. The official term for this is called “Journey Mapping,” where you use a GoPro to record all the steps a member takes and identify areas where improvements can be made to enhance the member experience. I reviewed this concept with key staff members

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